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Gary Masocco, Ken Gawel and Chris Monaco take top honors at the Labor Day Tournament; Masocco makes an albatross/hole-in-one on the par 4 5th hole

Top 3 players in each class were as follows for the 18 hole at full handicap tourney that was highlighted by Gary Masocco's rare albatross 1 on the par 4 270 yard 5th hole:

A Class:
(1) Gary Masocco: 65-3-62 (2) Mark Poloncarz: 70-3-67 (3) Chris Carroll 67-0-67

B Class:
(1) Ken Gawel: 81-18-63 (2) Jim Miller: 76-11-65 (3) Frank Vogel: 80-14-66

C Class:
(1) Chris Monaco: 84-20-64 (2) Steve Hetey: 85-20-65 (3) Mark Guarino: 89-20-69

Jim Fredo, Paul Schein, Sr. and Ken Gawel win A, B, and C Scratch Match Play Championships and Fredo wins the George Lesso Match Play Tournament

In what may be a first in the history of the club, the winners of each division of the Club Championship also won the scratch match play championship for the same division when Jim Fredo, Paul Schein, Sr. and Ken Gawel won the A, B and C Class Championships, respectively. Fredo defeated Jason Surdyke for the A Championship, Schein defeated Todd Storrey for the B Crown and Gawel beat club championship runner-up Randy Tesmer for the C trophy.

Fredo became the first member to ever win the club championship, A Class Match Play Crown and the George Lesso Match Play Championship when he defeated Keith Dziak in a close final. Fredo won a total of 9 matched this year in club play, and is definitely the "King" of South Park for 2018.

Jim Fredo wins 2018 Club Championship, Paul Schein, Ken Gawel and Jerry Kuwik win B, C and Senior Championships

The 2018 Club Championship was contested on July 28 and 29 under blustery and dry conditions, and when play was completed 2016 Champion Jim Fredo returned to the winners circle ater shooting rounds of 73 and 69 for a 2 over total of 142. Mark Poloncarz made a spirited attempt on Sunday for his 4th title, but came up short after shooting 75-69. 9 time club champion Sean McNamara finished third after rounds of 76 and 70.

Paul Schein, Sr. won his 2nd "B" Class title after shooting rounds of 80 and 77, which was good enough for a 3 stroke victory over Mike Kuhn (84-76) and Tim Sullivan (80-80).

Ken Gawel played strong golf in "C" Class and came up the victor with rounds of 87 and 82. Randy Tesmer finished 2nd after rounds of 89 and 87, while Tom Deering finished 3rd with rounds of 93 and 87.

Finally, Jerry Kuwik finally won an elusive crown by winning the inaugural "Super Senior" flight for those 70 and over with a round of 78. Ray Puliski finished 2nd with an 85 and Pat McCann third with a 90.

The scores for all who made the cut per class can be found below.

"A" Class

(1) Jim Fredo: 73-69-142
(2) Mark Poloncarz: 75-69-144
(3) Sean McNamara: 76-70-146
(4) Gary Masocco: 78-69-147
(4) Keith Dziak: 72-75-147
(6) Jason Surdyke: 72-76-148
(7) Tim Knott: 75-74-149
(8) Greg Delecki: 77-73-150
(8) Don Buckley: 78-72-150
(10) Paul Schein, Jr.: 73-78-151
(11) Joe Dorobiola: 79-74-153
(12) Todd Duffy: 77-79-156
(13) Paul Hardman: 79-85-164

"B" Class

(1) Paul Schein: 80-77-157
(2) Mike Kuhn: 84-76-160
(2) Tim Sullivan: 80-80-160
(4) Mike Daniels: 84-79-163
(5) Todd Storrey: 86-81-167
(6) Chuck Griesinger: 82-86-168
(7) Chris McFarland: 82-89-171
(8) Jeff Langan: 83-90-173
(8) Kevin Surdyke: 84-89-173
(10) JJ Langan: 86-92-178
(11) Nick Schaefer: 83-96-179

"C" Class

(1) Ken Gawel: 87-82-169
(2) Randy Tesmer: 89-87-176
(3) Tom Deering: 93-87-180
(4) Shane Schaefer: 89-92-181
(5) Bob Pelowski: 91-94-185
(6) Mike Wojtasczyk: 90-96-186
(7) Rick Calteaux: 93-95-188

"Super Senior Over 70 Flight"

(1) Jerry Kuwik: 78
(2) Ray Pulinski: 82
(3) Pat McCann: 90
(4) Mike Ciesla: 91
(5) Bill Daley: 92
(6) Chris Monaco: 93
(7) Steve Hetey: 95
(7) Wally Pukalo: 95
(9) Bob Miller: 97
(10) Jerry Nostrant: 100
(11) Fran Conmy: 106

Jason Surdyke, Don Dorobiala and Ken Gawel take top honors at the Hall of Fame Championship on July 4th Weekend

Top 3 players in each class were as follows for the Modified Stableford Format:

A Class:
(1) Jason Surdyke: 25-3-28 (2) Paul Schein Jr.: 19-8-27 (3) Joe Abram: 20-4-24

B Class:
(1) Don Dorobiala: 5-17-22 (2) Jeff Langan: 6-16-22 (3) Paul Schein Sr. 9-12-21

C Class:
(1) Ken Gawel: 6-21-27 (2) Tom Deering: 0-23-23 (3) Bob Miller: -10-31-21

Polish and Irish tie in Regulation and Polish Win 36th Annual Polish v. Irish Classic in a play-off

On Saturday June 9 the South Park Golf Club held its 36th Annual Polish v. Irish Classic. To honor our former president Dan Fitzgibbons who recently passed all members wore a green golf shirt, inlcuding the members of the Polish squad. After all scores were added up both teams ten lowest net scores equaled 663, or -37 under par. For the first time in more than a decade a sudden death playoff was held to determine the winner and Jay Surdyke birdied the first hole to win over Keith Dziak who represented the Irish.

Thanks to all who played and honored Dan Fitzgibbons by wearing a green shirt even if playing for the Polish squad. Top 3 players in each class were as follows for the 18 hole tournament:

A Class:
(1) Tim Knott: 70-5-65 (2) Jason Surdyke: 69-3-66 (3) Keith Dziak: 74-7-67

B Class:
(1) Jim Miller: 76-12-64 (2) Don Dorobiala: 81-17-64 (3) Joe Kalenda: 76-11-65

C Class:
(1) Steve Scanlon: 85-21-64 (2) Ken Gawel: 86-20-66 (3) Mike Ciesla: 86-20-66

Sean McNamara, Jeff Langan and Nick Schaefer are the Memorial Day Tournament Champs

Hearts were very heavy at this year's Memorial Day Tournament played the weekend following the death and funeral of Dan Fitzgibbons, but the members came together to honor Dan and play in his memory. Top 3 players in each class were as follows for the 9 hole tournament:

A Class:
(1) Sean McNamara: 34-3-31 (2) Keith Dziak: 35-3.5-31.5 (3) Mark Staniszewski: 36-4-32

B Class:
(1) Jeff Langan: 39-8-31 (2) Don Dorobiala: 40-8-32 (3) Bill Kipler: 41-9-32

C Class:
(1) Nick Schaefer: 40-9.5-30.5 (2) Ken Gawel: 44-10-34 (3) Randy Tesmer: 45-10.5-34.5

The Passing of Dan Fitzgibbons

It is with deep sadness that we have to report the passing of Dan Fitzgibbons, our immediate past president and 1993, 94 and 98 club champion on Monday, May 21, 2018. Dan was much beloved by all who knew him and our deepest condolences are offered to his wife Denise and his family. He will be missed by all.

In order to honor Dan and his commitment to the Club the remainder of the 2018 golf year will be played in his honor and we ask all members and friends of South Park to hold Dan's memory close to your heart.

South Park defeats the Cazenovia Golf Club in the Inaugural "South Buffalo Cup" 22 points to 14 points

On Saturday May 19, 24 members of the South Park GC took on 24 members from the Cazenovia GC in the Inaugural South Buffalo Cup and defeated the lads from Caz by a score of 22 points to 14 points. More information on match scores will be added soon, so check back later.