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South Park GC Team Comes up Short in 2013 Challenge Cup to Buffalo Golf Club

The 11th edition of the Challenge Cup against the Buffalo G.C. was held the weekend of September 14 and 15 and while the team from South Park fought hard, this year the Buffalo G.C. squad came out on top with an 11 - 7 point victory. Team Captain Mark Poloncarz lead his squad with 2 points as he was the only player from SP to win both his matches. Matt Sullivan and Chris Escott each finished with 1.5 points after halving their Saturday 2 man match and individually winning in the Sunday Singles. With the win, BGC now has 6 match wins to SP's 4 with 1 tie. Full results were as follows:

Saturday 2 Man Match Play:
A: Erik Williams & Matt Mariconda (BGC) d. Gary Masocco & Tim Knott (SPGC) 3 & 2
A: Mark Poloncarz & Dan Fitzgibbons (SPGC) d. Ed Schunke & Sioune Akualo (BGC) 2 up
B: Cleo King & Dave Butterini (BGC) d. Jay Cyman & Jerry Nostrant (SPGC) 4 & 2
B: Paul Szydlowski & Paul Casey (BGC) d. Paul Schein & Scott Hosking (SPGC) 6 & 5
C: Matt Sullivan & Chris Escott (SPGC) h. John Barrett & Brian Sadowski (BGC)
C: Sean Graves & Mark Dauman (BGC) d. Ken Gawel & Nick Schaefer (SPGC) 2 up

Sunday Singles Matches:
A: Gary Masocco (SPGC) d. Matt Mariconda (BGC) 1 up
A: Erik Williams (BGC) d. Dan Fitzgibbons 5 & 4
A: Tim Knott (SPGC) h. Ed Schunke (BGC)
A: Mark Poloncarz (SPGC) d. Sioune Akaola (BGC) 5 & 4
B: Jay Cyman (SPGC) d. Frank Alteri (BGC) 2 & 1
B: Cleo King (BGC) d. Paul Schein (SPGC) 3 & 2
B: Paul Casey (BGC) d. Scott Hosking (SPGC) 3 & 1
B: Dave Butterini (BGC) d. Jerry Nostrant (SPGC) 3 & 1
C: Matt Sullivan (SPGC) d. Brian Sadowski (BGC) 3 & 2
C: John Barrett (BGC) d. Ken Gawel (SPGC) 6 & 5
C: Mark Dauman (BGC) d. Nick Schaefer (SPGC) 7 & 6
C: Chris Escott (SPGC) d. Sean Graves (BGC) 5 & 3

September 1, 2013: Matt Sullivan and Fred Sulkowski Win 2 Man Labor Day Scramble with an 18 Under Par Score!

Matt Sullivan and Fred Sulkowski made a very formidable 2 man scramble team as they took home the first prize in the annual Labor Day Tournament after shooting an incredible 18 under par score of 52 in the partial handicap format. Jay Cyman and Rob Cavanaugh shot an impressive 15 under par score of 55 but still found themselves 3 strokes behind the winners. Top 5 scores were as follows:

(1) Matt Sullivan and Fred Sulkowski: 52
(2) Jay Cyman and Rob Cavanaugh: 55
(T3) Sean McNamara and Paul Ewing: 57
(T3) Joe Abram and Mark Sullivan: 57
(T3) Jeff Langan and J.J. Langan: 57

August 22, 2013: Masocco, Schein and Gawel Scratch Match Play Champions, Gawel then captures Lesso Match Play Championship

The annual match play events have wrapped up for the season, and Gary Masocco and Ken Gawel pulled the double by winning both the scratch stroke play championships and then match play championships for A and C Class, respectively. Masocco continued his stellar play by defeating Sean McNamara in the finals of the A Class division, while Gawel knocked off Jeff Langan to claim his second crown of the year. Paul Schein showed his mettle by winning the always tough B Class flight by besting Jerry Nostrant in the finals

Ken Gawel then topped off his year by winning the George Lesso Handicap Match Play Championship when he defeated Paul Ewing in the finals. This is the first time in the history of the club a member has won his Class in both the stroke and match play championships and then went on to win the George Lesso Handicap Match Play Championship. Congratulations Ken!

July 30, 2013: Masocco, Hosking and Gawel Club Champions

Gary Masocco, Scott Hosking and Ken Gawel were the big winners at the annual Club Championship in the A, B, and C Classes respectively. Masocco jumped out to a big lead after a first round 6 under par 64 and then coasted to victory after a second round 72. Dan Fitzgibbons and Sean McNamara tied for 2nd 6 strokes behind Masocco.

Scott Hosking defeated Darin Koepnick in a sudden death playoff after sticking his 2nd shot to the first playoff hole within 2 feet and then made the birdie putt after Koepnick made a clutch 6 footer for par. A second playoff was required for C Class and Gawel won on the 2nd hole of the playoff against Nick Schaefer. Full scores for those who made the cut below:

A Class:
(1) Gary Masocco: 64+74=138
(T2) Dan Fitzgibbons: 72+71=143
(T2) Sean McNamara: 72+71=143
(T4) Tim Knott: 76+70=146
(T4) Steve McDonald: 74+72=146
(6) Mark Poloncarz: 75+72=147
(T7) Joe Abram: 72+79=151
(T7) Mark Staniszewski: 72+79=151

B Class:
(1) Scott Hosking: 81+75=156 (winner in sudden death playoff on 1st hole)
(2) Darin Koepnick: 76+80=156
(3) Jay Cyman: 81+77=158
(4) Paul Schein: 77+86=163
(5) Kevin Surdyke: 83+81=164
(6) Mike Daniels: 81+85=166
(7) Tim Sullivan: 83+86=169
(8) Mike Kuhn: 84+86=170
(9) Mark Sullivan: 84+88=172
(10) Jay Langan: 81+95=176

C Class:
(1) Ken Gawel: 87+88=175 (winner in sudden death playoff on 2nd hole)
(2) Nick Schaefer: 88+87=175
(3) Chris Escott: 89+92=181
(4) Randy Tesmer: 90+93=183
(5) Fred Sulkowski: 90+98=188
(6) Jeff Langan: 95+94=189
(7) Fran Conmy: 104+107=211
(8) Bill Ewing: 111+104=215

June 29, 2013: Masocco, Cattarin and Escott Hall of Fame Champions

This year's edition of the Hall of Fame Tourney was played under ideal scoring conditions and good play resulted from it. Gary Masocco took home the overall low score and A Class honors when he shot a 9 hole round of 4 under par 31, which resulted in a +20 score in the modified Stableford system at handicap format. Rob Cattarin parlayed 2 birdies for a score of +17 to win the B Class while Chris Escott shot a solid round and won C Class with a score of +13. The low 3 scores per class were as follows:

A Class

(1) Gary Masocco: 18+2=20: (2) Dan Fitzgibbons: 11+3=14; (3) Keith Dziak: 10+2.5=12.5.

B Class

(1) Rob Cattarin: 9+8=17; (2) Jay Cyman: 7+6.5=13.5; (3) Jerry Nostrant: 5+8=13.

C Class

(1) Chris Escott: 2+11=13: (2) Ken Gawel: 1+11=12; (3) Randy Tesmer: -1+13=12.

June 15, 2013: Irish Capture 33rd Edition of the Ed Krypel Polish v. Irish Challenge Match

Father's Day Weekend means the annual playing of the Ed Krypel Polish v. Irish Challenge Match. For the past 32 years the sons of Polonia have taken on the lads of the Emerald Isle in a challenge match to determine bragging rights for the next year. Heading into this year's match the Poles led 19 to 12 in match wins, but the Irish narrowed that by 1 by winning the 2013 match by a score of 682 to 692. The lowest 10 net scores of those playing per team are added up and the lowest score determines victory.

The Irish lads were led by Jeff Langan's career best round of 88, which turned into a net 61 after deducting his handicap of 27. He also won the "C" Class flight with his score. Chuck Griesinger's 72, net 64 after his handicap of 8 was deducted, also helped the Irish and captured him the "A" Class title, while Mike Daniels' 79, handicap of 14 and net of 65 was low for the Polish team and won him the "B" Class title. The low 5 scores per class were as follows:

A Class

(1) Chuck Griesinger: 72-8-64; (2) Gary Masocco: 70-3-67: (3) Mark Poloncarz: 70-2-68; (4) Sean McNamara: 71-3-68; (5) Dan Fitzgibbons: 76-6-70.

B Class

(1) Mike Daniels: 79-14-65; (2) Jerry Nostrant: 82-16-66; (3) Paul Schein: 80-13-67; (4) Kevin Surdyke: 84-13-71; (5) Ray Pulinski: 88-16-72.

C Class

(1) Jeff Langan: 88-27-61; (2) Chris Escott: 91-23-68: (3) Mike Wojtaczyk: 102-34-68; (4) Nick Schaefer, Jr.: 93-24-69; (5) Bill Daley: 91-20-71.