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In 1994 the Club created its Hall of Fame, and since then some of the greatest names in South Park golf have been honored with induction into the Hall. Induction into the Hall is voted on by the members, after a recommendation is made by the Hall of Fame Committee. A former or current member may be inducted into the Hall of Fame based on a stellar playing career and/or long service to the Club as an officer. The following past or present members have been honored with induction into the Hall of Fame (year of induction in parentheses):

John Chmiel (1994)
Joseph Dziak (1994)
George Lesso (1994)
Tony McNamara (1994)
Jim Neary (1994)
Dave Sheridan (1996)
Joseph Pantera (1996)
William "Bucky" Ewing (1996)
Joe Barnack (1998)
Ed Rybak (1998)
Brownie Patronik (2000)
Tom Kozaczka (2001)
Joe May (2002)
Ted Tomasik (2002)
Stanley Merrick (2003)
Jim Schaefer (2003)
Sean McNamara (2007)
Mark Poloncarz (2009)
Steve Scanlon (2014)
Darrin Koepnick (2017)
Mike Kane (2018)

A Hall of Fame display containing trophies, news clippings, pictures and other artifacts is on display in the Clubhouse, and anybody interested in learning more about the history of the South Park Golf Club is invited to view our Hall of Fame.