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2010 October Turkey Shoot (9 Holes at 1/2 Handicap)

A Class: (1) Dan Fitzgibbons: 32-1.5=30.5; (2) Sean McNamara: 34-1.5=32.5; (3) Jim Miller: 39-4.5=34.5
B Class: (1) Paul Schein: 36-6=30; (2) Mark Guarino: 39-7.5=31.5; (3) Jerry Nostrant: 40-8=32
C Class: (1) Fred Sulkowski: 43-13=30; (2) Rich Ewing: 44-12.5=31.5 (3) Mike Frantini: 45-13.5=31.5

South Park G.C. Wins 8th Annual Challenge Cup Over the Buffalo G.C.

After coming up short the past three years, on September 19, 2010, the South Park G.C. Challenge Cup squad finished on top this year by defeating the Buffalo G.C. 10 1/2 to 7 1/2 points. The Challenge Cup is an annual Ryder Cup-style event decided by 18 matches: 6 matches on Saturday played using a four ball (best ball) format and 12 individual singles matches on Sunday.

The SP team (seen on the left at the opening ceremonies with the Cup) had a banner first day at South Park winning 5 of the 6 matches and halving the other, and then won 5 out of the 12 singles matches played at the Grover Cleveland Golf Course on Sunday.

Mark Poloncarz captained the winning team, which consisted of Poloncarz, Sean McNamara, Jerry Kuwik and Dan Fitzgibbons in A Class, Mike Kane, Todd Duffy, Paul Schein and Mark Staniszewski in B Class and Mick Ewing, Jay Cyman, Matt Sullivan and Bill Kipler in C Class.

The Buffalo Golf Club squad still leads in match wins 5 years to 3, but for 2010 it is the South Park squad that won the cup as shown by the picture to right after the team brought it back to the South Park clubhouse where it will be on display until next year's competition.

Day One Results (2 Man Fourball Match Play contested at South Park Golf Course):

Mark Poloncarz & Dan Fitzgibbons (SP) halved match against Matt Mariconda & Chris Sangiacomo (BGC)
Sean McNamara & Jerry Kuwik (SP) Defeated Erik Williams & Sione Akauola (BGC) 5 & 4
Mike Kane & Mark Staniszewski (SP) Defeated Jim Martin & Vince Dalusio (BGC) 2 up
Paul Schein & Todd Duffy (SP) Defeated Frank Altieri & Keith Sweat (BGC) 5 & 4
Mick Ewing & Matt Sullivan (SP) Defeated Mark Dauman & Gerry Ermer (BGC) 2 & 1
Jay Cyman & Bill Kipler (SP) Defeated Don Grinde & Paul Szydlowski (BGC) 2 & 1

Day Two Results (Individual Match Play contested at Grover Cleveland Golf Course):

Sean McNamara (SP) Defeated Erik Williams (BGC) 2 & 1
Mark Poloncarz (SP) Defeated Sione Akauola (BGC) 6 & 5
Matt Mariconda (BGC) Defeated Dan Fitzgibbons (SP) 4 & 3
Chris Sangiacomo (BGC) Defeated Jerry Kuwik (SP) 7 & 6
Mike Kane (SP) Defeated Joe Attea (BGC) 2 & 1
Todd Duffy (SP) Defeated Vince Dalusio (BGC) 6 & 5
Jim Martin (BGC) Defeated Paul Schein (SP) 2 & 1
Frank Altieri (BGC) Defeated Mark Staniszewski (SP) 3 & 2
Jay Cyman (SP) Defeated Don Grinde (BGC) 6 & 5
Mark Dauman (BGC) Defeated Mick Ewing (SP) 2 & 1
Paul Szydlowski (BGC) Defeated Matt Sullivan (SP) 2 up
Gerry Ermer (BGC) Defeated Bill Kipler (SP) 4 & 3

Sean McNamara, Mark Guarino and Mick Ewing take Match Play Honors

Sean McNamara is this year's King of Match Play at South Park when he defeated Dan Fitzgibbons in a close match, 2 and 1, to win the A Class Scratch Match Play Championship. Mark Guarino showed his ability when he came from the 8th seed to win the B Class crown over Paul Schein. Mick Ewing pulled the double in C Class when he won the Scratch Match Play Championship to go along with his medal play victory when he defeated Wayne Cross in the finals.

Liam Friedman, Mike Kane & Mick Ewing win Club Championship A, B, & C Class

On July 26 and 27, Liam Friedman won his second Club Championship when he shot rounds of 72-65 to beat a strong field of competitors. First round leader Gary Masocco finished second after rounds of 71-72, with Jerry Kuwik finishing third. Mike Kane won his second B Class crown, finishing 1 stroke ahead of Paul Schein and 2 in front of Mark Staniszewski after he carded rounds of 78-78. Mick Ewing successfully defended his C Class crown, also winning it for the second time, when he won by many strokes over Rob Cattarin and Bob Miller.

2010 Hall of Fame (9 holes at Stableford Format with Handicap)

A Class: (1) Sean McNamara: 13+1.5=14.5; (2) Gary Masacco: 7+3.5=10.5; (3) Tim Knott: 5+4=9
B Class: (1) Jay Cyman: 7+7.5=14.5; (2) Mark Staniszewski: 3+7.5=10.5; (3) Brian Carrig: 3+6=9
C Class: (1) Mike Frantini:: -6+16=10; (2) Dave Catalano: -4+12.5=8.5: (3) Rich Ewing: -4+11.5=7.5

2010 Ed Krypel Polish v. Irish Challenge Match (18 holes)

Team Match Results: Irish d. Polish 641 - 650

Individual Results:
Irish: (1) Liam Friedman 62-0-62; (2) Dave Helmbrecht 75-12-63; (3) Sean McNamara 68-3-65; (4) Tim Knott 73-8-65: (5) Matt Sullivan 91-24-67 & Fran Conmy: 91-24-67.

Polish: (1) Fred Sulkowski 90-30-60; (2) Jay Cyman 80-14-66; (3) Mark Staniszewski: 81-15-66; (4) Paul Schein 79-12-67; (5) Rich Klubek:90-22-68; (6) Jim Miller:79-9-70.

2010 Memorial Day Tournament (9 holes with Handicap)

A Class: (1) Sean McNamara: 34-2-32; (2) Mark Poloncarz: 34-2-32; (3) Gary Masacco: 37-4.5-32.5
B Class: (1) Paul Schein: 37-8-29; (2) Mike Daniels: 37-6-31; (3) Mike Kane: 37-5.5-31.5
C Class: (1) Wally Pukalo: 37-9.5-27.5; (2) Wayne Cross: 43-11-32; Bucky Ewing: 44-12-32