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The following members were honored at the annual awards banquet held on Friday November 21st:

Club Championship:
A Class: Sean McNamara
B Class: Mark Guarino
C Class: Ed Rybak

Scratch Match Play Championship:
A Class: Sean McNamara
B Class: Pat Quinn
C Class: Darin Tesmer

President's Cup Championship:
A Class: Jim Miller
B Class: Mike Gulino
C Class: Darin Tesmer

George Lesso 2-Man Match Play Championship:
Mike Gulino & Mark Poloncarz

Player of the Year:
Sean McNamara

Most Improved Player:
Mike Simonick, Jr.

Also, the following members received etched glassware honoring eagles they recorded during the past year:
Chuck Greisenger (holes # 2,3,5 & 8), Tom Kozaczka (#5 twice), Mark Poloncarz (#1 & 7), Tim Sullivan (#5 twice), Sean McNamara (#1 & 5), Don Lockwood (#7), Bill Smith (#5), Steve Scanlon (#9), Joe Tomaka (#7), Jerry Nostrant (#5), & Pat Quinn (#5).

Congratulations to all who received awards, and to those who attended the banquet. Pictures of the event will be forthcoming.

2003 3 Man 9 Hole Scramble Turkey Shoot Results

1st Place: Mark Poloncarz, Pat Quinn & Mike Kortash: 31
2nd Place: Tom Kozaczka, Mike Ciesla & Ed Rybak: 32
3rd Place: Chuck Griesenger, John O'Brien & Pat McCann: 33
4th Place: Jerry Kuwik, Joe Tomaka & John Kennedy: 33

2003 Fall Classic Results:

1st Place: Bob Miller, Tom Kozaczka & Fran Conmy (winner in playoff): 56
2nd Place: Pat Quinn, Joe Tomaka & Pat McCann: 56
3rd Place: Mark Poloncarz, John Kennedy & Mike Simonick, Jr.: 57
4th Place: Jim Connors, Steve Scanlon & Mike Kortash: 58

On Saturday and Sunday September 14th and 15th 12 members of the South Park Golf Club went up against 12 members of the Buffalo Golf Club in the first Ryder Cup style Challenge Cup Matches held between the two clubs. Unfortunately for the boys from South Park, the Buffalo Golf Club took the initial matches by a score of 12 - 6. Mark Poloncarz and Sean McNamara led the South Park crew with 2 points each by winning both of their matches. On Saturday the 14th, McNamara was teamed with Chuck Griesenger and they defeated Bill Hartnett and Dave Rader of BGC in a best ball format by a score of 2 & 1. Poloncarz teamed with Don Buckley and won a thrilling match 1 up over Jim Burzynski and Tom Fries of BGC. On Sunday at South Park McNamara defeated Rader while Poloncarz defeated Fries, BGC's current club champion, by identical scores of 4 & 3. Chuck Griesenger finished with 1.5 points after halving his match on Sunday with Jim Burzynski, while Don Buckley finished with a half point after losing to Bill Hartnett 2 & 1 despite shooting 71. In all, the A Class members from South Park won 4.5 of a total of 6 points available.

In B Class Mark Guarino led the Southside contingent with 1 point with a singles victory on Sunday. Unfortunately, his point was the only point recorded by the B Class. While John Kennedy, Steve Scanlon and Dennis Schlegel played well, they unfortunately lost to the buzzsaw team of Bill Spruce, George Harrington, Dennis Lightenberg and Stew Besch from BGC.

In C Class, only Darrin Tesmer could muster a halve in his singles match as the much lower handicap C Class members from the BGC defeated the remainder of the South Park team of Ed Rybak, Pat McCann, and Mike Kortash. Though South Park ended up on the losing end of the Challenge Cup, a good time was had by all and everybody looks forward to qualifying for next year's competition.

McNamara Wins South Park and Cazenovia Club Championships!
Sean McNamara completes the South Buffalo Slam!! After winning the South Park Championship on July 27th, McNamara won the Cazenovia Club Championship on August 3rd. This is the first time a player has won both tourneys in the same year. Previously, only Pat McGee and Joe May in the 1930s and Mark Poloncarz in 2000 completed the "career" slam, that is winning the championships in non calendar years. However, McNamara broke through with a solid one over par performance in beating the best of Cazenovia. Congratulations Sean!

The 2003 Club Championship was held on the weekend of July 26th and 27th, and Sean McNamara retained his title. McNamara shot back-to-back rounds of 1 over par 71 in extremely windy conditions to finish 3 strokes ahead of the 2000 champ Don Buckley. Former champ and current club president Mark Poloncarz finished third, while new member Chuck Griesenger had a solid showing in his first championship finishing fourth.

In "B" Class, 1984 and 1991 "B" champ Mark Guarino capped a stellar week of play in winning his third title. Guarino's rounds of 78 and 74 placed him 6 strokes ahead of Steve Scanlon. Dennis Schegel finished third, while John Kennedy rounded out the top 4.

In "C" Class, South Park Hall of Fame Member Ed Rybak shot incredible rounds of 84 and 81 in winning that title by 1 stroke over Darrin Tesmer. What makes this victory remarkable is that Rybak shot less than his age in both rounds! Pat McCann finished third, and Larry Connors fourth.

Weekly Tournament Ending June 28, 2003 (Odd Holes Out at half-handicap Format)

"A" Class: (1) Sean McNamara: 35-2.5-32.5, (2) Tom Kozazcka: 36-3.5-32.5, (3) Mark Poloncarz: 35-1-34.
"B" Class: (1) Tim Sullivan: 38-9-29, (2) Jerry Nostrant: 38-7.5-30.5, (3) Art Zawadzki: 38-7.5-30.5.
"C" Class: (1) Pat McCann: 41-11.5-29, (2) Bucky Ewing: 45-12-33, (3) Larry Connors: 47-11.5-35.5.

Weekly Tournament Ending June 21, 2003 (Scratch Format)

"A" Class: (1) Tom Kozaczka: 77, (2) Dr. Richard Zambron: 77, (3) Jim MIller: 80.
"B" Class: (1) Frank Vogel, Jr.: 80, (2) Jerry Nostrant: 80, (3) Dave Sheridan: 81.
"C" Class: (1) Mike Simonick, Jr.: 87, (2) Larry Connors: 88, (3) Paul Higgins.

On Sunday June 14th the Golf Club hosted its 22nd annual Ed Krypel Memorial Polish v. Irish Match. A Best Ball Ryder Cup Match Play Format was employed, and for the first time in the history of the matches, a sudden death playoff was required to determine the winner. After regulation the teams were tied with 4.5 points each. On the strength of a Sean McNamara birdie putt on the first hole of sudden death, the Irish took the 2003 title, and all the spoils that go along with it for the next year. The top 3 scores per class were the following:

"A" Class: (1) Sean McNamara: 67-5-62, (2) Chuck Griesenger: 76-9-67, (3) Mark Poloncarz: 70-2-68.
"B" Class: (1) Jim Connors: 77-12-65, (2) Art Zawadzki: 79-13-66, (3) Mark Sullivan: 80-14-66.
"C" Class: (1) Larry Connors: 88-24-64, (2) Mike Kortash: 87-22-65, (3) Pat McCann: 90-24-66.

Weekly Tournament Ending June 14, 2003 (Full Handicap Format)

"A" Class: (1) Dr. Richard Zambron: 76-10-66, (2) Mark Poloncarz: 70-2-68, (3) Tom Kozaczka: 76-6-70.
"B" Class: (1) Joe Tomoka: 77-13-64, (2) Jerry Nostrant: 81-14-67, (3) Steve Scanlon: 83-14-69.
"C" Class: (1) Mike Kortash: 87-22-65, (2) Larry Connors: 91-24-67, (3) Fran Conmy: 92-25-72.

Weekly Tournament Ending June 7, 2003 (Half-Handicap Format)

"A" Class: (1) Mark Poloncarz: 67-1-66, (2) Mike Karam: 76-4-72, (3) Tom Kozaczka: 77-3-74.
"B" Class: (1) Steve Scanlon: 80-7-73, (2) Dave Sheridan: 83-7-76, (3) Bob Miller: 84-8-76.
"C" Class: Not Enough Players

Weekly Tournament Ending May 31, 2003 (Full Handicap)

"A" Class: (1) Dr. Richard Zambron: 76-10-66, (2) Mark Poloncarz: 69-2-67, (3) Jim Miller: 75-6-69.
"B" Class: (1) Jim Connors: 77-14-63, (2) Tim Sullivan: 81-18-63, (3) Dave Sheridan: 81-14-67.
"C" Class: (1) Mike Simonick, Jr.: 94-35-59, (2) Larry Connors: 97-24-73, (3) Paul Higgins: 98-25-73.

May 29, 2003

On Sunday May 25th the Golf Club hosted its first annual Member-Guest/Member-Member. The tournament was an 18 hole best-ball at a handicap. The winners were the following:
(1) Mark Sullivan and Moss Sullivan: 60
(2) Ray Zygaj and Daniel Sadowski: 61
(3) Jerry Kuwik and Art Zawadzki: 62
(4) Larry Connors and Bob Miller: 62
(5) Sean McNamara and Chuck Griesenger: 62

Weekly Tournament Ending May 24, 2003 (Blind Handicap Format)

"A" Class: (1) Don Lockwood: 73-10-63, (2) Don Buckley: 68-15-63, (3) Mike Daniels: 84-14-70.
"B" Class: (1) Joe Tomoka: 83-15-68, (2) John O'Brien: 84-16-68, (3) Tim Sullivan: 81-12-69.
"C" Class: (1) Rich Klubek: 88-14-74, (2) Fran Conmy 94-14-80, (3) Pat McCann: 98-17-81.

May 20, 2003

On Sunday May 18th the Golf Club hosted its Welcome Back Tourney, which was a 9 hole tourney at half handicap. The top 5 scores per class were as follows:
"A" Class: (1) Jerry Kuwik: 37-5-32, (2) Mike Daniels: 38-5-33, (3) Tom Kozaczka: 37-3-34, (4) Mark Guarino: 42-6-36, (5) Rich Zambron: 42-5-37.
"B" Class: (1) Kevin Hayes: 39-8.5-30.5, (2) Mark Sullivan: 39-8.5-30.5, (3) Art Zawadzki: 38-6.5-32.5, (4) Ed Rybak: 42-8.5-33.5, (5) Joe Tomoka: 42-6.5-35.5.
"C" Class: (1) Larry Connors: 48-12-36, (2) Mike Kortash: 49-11-38, (3) Fran Conmy: 51-12.5-38.5, (4) Pat McCann: 49-10.5-38.5, (5) Rich Klubek: 49-10-39

May 18, 2003

The weekly tournament ending May 17th was washed out due to lack of players because of the heavy rains. The weekly tourney held May 3rd through 10th was a full handicap event and the winners were the following:
"A" Class: (1) Jerry Nostrant: 76-12-64, (2) Jerry Kuwik: 75-10-65, (3) Tom Kozaczka: 72-6-66.
"B" Class: (1) John O'Brien: 80-16-64, (2) Dave Sheridan: 85-14-71, (3) Bob Miller: 88-15-73.
"C" Class: (1) Pat McCann: 90-21-69, (2) Mike Simonick, Jr.: 102-33-69, (3) Bucky Ewing: 103-24-79.

May 12, 2003

Thirty seven members recorded a complete 18 hole round during the first "Kickers" week, April 26 through May 3rd, and each received a prize. Sign up sheets for the first 2 tournaments: the Welcome Back Tourney on Sunday May 18th and the Memorial Day Member-Guest on Sunday May 25th, are now up in the Clubhouse. All members are asked to sign up as soon as possible in order to give Tournament Chairman Jim Connors an accurate head count of participants. Members may play with other members in the Member-Guest on May 25th if they are unable to round up a guest.