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Dan Fitzgibbons is the New Club President for 2016

At the 2015 Awards Banquet held on December 12, 2015, Dan Fitzgibbons was elected by acclimation as the new Club President. Fitzgibbons takes over from Matt Sullivan after Sullivan stepped down following 6 strong years at the helm of the club. Also elected at the meeting were Darrin Koepnick as Vice-President, Sean McNamara as Tournament Chairman, Tim Knott as Golf Chairman, Todd Duffy as Handicap Chairman and Paul Schein Sr. as Treasurer. Congratulations to all and thank you to all former officers for your service to the club.

Paul Schein Sr. is the 2015 Club Player of the Year; Chris Escott Most Improved

In one of the closest battles for the South Park Golf Club's Player of the Year Paul Schein Sr. defeated Jim Fredo Jr. and Gary Masocco by less than 3 points. Schein was tied with Masocco in second place, both 3 points behind Fredo entering the final event of the year, the Turkey Shoot. Schein's second place finish in the Turkey Shoot garnered him enough points to leap frog Fredo and into the player of the year award. Schein was most deserving of the award after a very consistent year in which he won both the B Class Stroke and Match Play Championships.

Chris Escott was named the Most Improved member of club at the season's end awards banquet. Escott's handicap dropped 10 strokes from the beginning to the end of the year, and he parlayed that improvement into the C Class Stroke and Match Play Championships as well. Congratulations to Chris and welcome to B Class!.

South Park Wins the Challenge Cup in Commanding Fashion

After a 2 year absence, the South Park/Buffalo GC Challenge is back where it belongs after our team from South Park crushed the team from the Buffalo GC by a score of 13 points to 5 points. Paul Schein Sr., Mike Kuhn, Jerry Nostrant, and Nick Schaefer Jr. lead the way by each winning both matches played, and every player chipped in with at least one point for the team, which was comprised of Team Captain Sean McNamara, Gary Masocco, Dan Fitzgibbons, Jim Fredo Jr., Paul Schein Sr., Paul Schein Jr., Mark Staniszewski, Mike Kuhn, Jerry Nostrant, Nick Schaefer Jr., Chris Escott and Ken Gawel. Congratulations on a well deserved victory and for representing South Park so well! Results of each Match are below:

Saturday 2 Man Best Ball at Grover Cleveland:
A Class: Jim Fredo Jr. & Dan Fitzgibbons lost to Erik Williams & Clauidu Mihai 2 up
A Class: Sean McNamara & Gary Masocco halved Matt Mariconda & Greg Kostinak
B Class: Paul Schein Sr. & Paul Schein Jr. defeated Mark Piatkowski & Rick Everst 3 & 1
B Class: Mark Staniszewski & Mike Kuhn defeated Mike Bass & Cleo King 2 up
C Class: Ken Gawel & Chris Escott lost to John Bartlett and John Regensdorfer 1 up
C Class: Nick Schaefer Jr. & Jerry Nostrant defetaed Mark Dauman & Clarence Wilson 7 & 6

First Day Scores: South Park GC 3.5 & Buffalo GC 2.5

Sunday Singles Matches at South Park:
A Class: Jim Fredo, Jr. defeated Erik Williams 8 & 6
A Class: Dan Fitzgibbons defeated Clauidu Mihai 2 & 1
A Class: Sean McNamara defeated Greg Kostinak 3 & 1
A Class: Gary Masocco halved Matt Mariconda
B Class: Paul Schein Sr. defeated Mark Piatkowski 5 & 3
B Class: Paul Schein Jr. lost to Mike Bass 1 up
B Class: Mark Staniszewski lost to Cleo King 1 Up
B Class: Mike Kuhn defeated Rick Everst 8 & 7
C Class: Jerry Nostrant defeated Mark Dauman 6 & 5
C Class: Nick Schaefer Jr. defetaed Clarence Wilson 3 & 2
C Class: Chris Escott defeated John Regdensdorfer 2 & 1
C Class: Ken Gawel defeated John Barrett 4 & 3

Second Day Scores: South Park GC 9.5 & Buffalo GC 2.5
Total Score: South Park GC 13 to Buffalo GC 5.

Ken Gawel Wins George Lesso Match Play Championship

Ken Gawel defeated club champion Gary Masocco to win his first George Lesso Match Play Championship. Gawel had a long road to the championship, defeating 5 players in total. This is Gawel's 3rd major victory at South Park, following up on his C Class victories in the Club Championship and Match Play Championship in 2013.

Fredo, Schein, Sr. and Escott Win the Scratch Match Play Championships per class

Jim Fredo topped off a solid first year in the Club by defeating Sean McNamara in the "A" Class Scratch Match Play Championship. The finals was a birdie fest, with Fredo and McNamara recording 10 birdies between them, but Fredo came out on top in a 1 up final. Paul Schein, Sr. finished off a stellar year by defeating his son Paul Jr. in the "B" Class to complete his yearly double ("B" Class Club Championship and Match Play Championship) while Chris Escott completed his yearly double in "C" Class when he won the final over Nick Schaefer, Jr.

Masocco, Shein and Escott are Club Champions

On Saturday July 25 and Sunday, July 26 the South Park Golf Club contested its club championship in near perfect conditions. In A Class, Gary Masocco won his third club championship with rounds of 68 and 70 to shoot a 2 under par aggregate score for 36 holes, thereby defeating Joe Abram and Jim Fredo Jr. by 4 strokes. In B Class Paul Schein Sr. won his first B Class championship after many near misses when he carded a 72 and 80 to hold off his son, Paul Schein Jr. and former Champion Mike Daniels. In C Class Chris Escott won his first class championship after carding rounds of 80 and 86 to win. Congratulations to Gary, Paul and Chris!

Polish win 34th Polish v. Irish Challenge Match

On Saturday June 20, the members of the South Park Golf Club came together for the 34th annual Ed Krypel Polish v. Irish Challenge Match. In the end, the Polish defeated the Irish by a combined score of 629 to 637. Keith Dziak, Mike Daniels and Mike Russell won the A, B and C flights respectively, Daniels defeating Jerry Nostrant and Paul Schein in a playoff to do so. As a result of the victory, the Polish team leads in match wins 20 - 14, and the Polish flag will fly in the clubhouse for the next year.