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Winners of Major Events

Congratulations to the following winners of major events at the golf course this season:

George Lesso Match Play Championship:

Matt Sullivan d. Sean McNamara on first Playoff Hole

Scratch Match Play Championships:

A Class: Keith Dziak d. Sean McNamara 1 up
B Class: Darrin Koepnick d. Jerry Nostrant 5 and 4
C Class: Wayne Cross d. Ken Gawel 3 and 2

Club Championship:

A Class: Sean McNamara
B Class: Darrin Koepnick
C Class:John Ranne

Passing of Former President and all-around Renaissance man Mike Kane on January 19, 2014

After a nearly 3 year long battle with Cancer, our dear friend, former president, 3 time "B" Class champion, and all around good man Mike Kane passed away on January 19, 2014 at the age of 71. Mike was a life long member of the South Park Golf Club, past president and club officer for many years and the 1990, 1992 and 2010 "B" Class Champion. Mike was an integral member of the winning 2010 Challenge Cup team and can be seen drinking from the Challenge Cup that year in the picture to the left.

Mike also made a dramatic run to the Club Championship in 2001 only to finish 2nd in a playoff to Tom Kozaczka. Most members still believe Mike actually won the tournament in regulation as he called a 1 stroke penalty on himself on the 16th hole of the final round when his ball oscillated after grounding his club, though the ball never left its position and he never touched the ball with his club. Under the rules of golf if the ball oscillates but never leaves its position a penalty need not be called. However, Mike did not feel comfortable and assessed himself a 1 stroke penalty, thereby finishing in a tie. This writer will always feel that Mike Kane walked off the course the real champion that year even if the record books state otherwise - the true character of the man was revealed that day when he did not want to win in "controversy" even though there would have been no controversy in his win.

Mike Kane was a true Renaissance man. He could weld new parts to your car and then paint a landscape. Mike was a master wood craftsman and was involved in almost every major infrastructure project at the South Park Golf Club. He was dedicated to the club and its members and was working on the roof of the club in 2011 when he felt dizzy and was taken from the course to the hospital where he was eventually diagnosed with brain cancer. He was also a dedicated husband to his wife of many years Marge and his daughter Kellie. In the picture to the right you can see Marge celebrating with Mike the 2010 Challenge Cup victory.

A man who will be truly missed, the 2014 South Park Golf Club season will be dedicated to the life and memory of our dear friend Mike Kane.

Steve Scanlon Inducted into the Hall of Fame

On Saturday, June 28, Steve Scanlon became the 19th member to be inducted into the South Park Golf Club’s Hall of Fame. Scanlon is the 1996 B Class Champion, winner of a number of B Class tournaments, the 2010 George Lesso Match Play Champion, and the longest serving officer in the golf club. In fact, Steve has served in some capacity as an officer or member of the Board of Directors for the past 30 years. Steve served as Vice President, B Class representative, handicap chairman, and most recently, for the past 10 years has been the weekly golf chairman. While there have been more than 5,000 members in the golf club since its formation at the start of the 20th Century, Steve joins select company as one of only 19 to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame for his dedication to the Club. The members of the South Park Golf Club salute Steve Scanlon on his induction, who is pictured in the above photo to the left, receiving congratulations from club president Matt Sullivan.

In the tournament honoring Scanlon’s induction Mike Kuhn took the top honors in B Class and overall by shooting a modified Stableford score of +16.5. In the modified Stableford format, eagles, birdies and pars are worth points, while bogeys and worse are worth negative points. Kuhn recorded 2 birdies, each worth 3 points, on way to a 1 over par round of 36, which equaled 16.5 points when his handicap was factored in. Gary Masocco recorded 3 birdies to offset a bogey and a double to take top A class honors; while Randy Tesmer recorded a birdie on way to a solid round of 6 over par 41 to capture the C Class. The low 5 scores per class were as follows:

A Class
(1) Gary Masocco: 12+3=15
(2) Dan Fitzgibbons: 11+2=13
(3) Chuck Griesinger:8+3.5=11.5
(4) Sean McNamara: 8+3-11
(5) Mark Poloncarz: 8+2.5=10.5
(5) Jason Surdyke: 8+2.5=10.5

B Class
(1) Mike Kuhn: 10+6.5=16.5
(2) Paul Schein: 7+8=15
(3) Darrin Koepnick: 8+6=14
(3) Mike Daniels: 7+7=14
(5) Wayne Cross: 4+9=13

C Class
(1) Randy Tesmer: 4+11=15
(2) Bob Miller: -4+18=14
(3) Mike Wojtascyk: -2+15=13
(4) Jeff Langan: 0+12.5=12.5
(5) Dave Selmsenberger: -5+17=12

Polish defeat Irish in 33rd Annual Ed Krypel Polish vs. Irish Challenge Match

After coming close for the past 2 years but in the end coming up short, the team representing Poland defeated the lads from Ireland by 2 strokes in the 33rd edition of the Ed Krypel Polish vs. Irish Challenge Match by a score of 668 to 670. In the match the lowest 10 net scores for each team are added up and then the lowest score wins.

The difference of 2 strokes was one of the closest tournaments in decades, as both teams shot well in tough, cold conditions, with the Polish squad's lowest 10 scores being 32 under par, while the Irish's were 30 under par. Members of the winning team pictured in the photo to the left, from left to right are: Dan Mendez, Paul Schein, Randy Tesmer, J.J. Langan, Mike Daniels, Mark Poloncarz, Fred Sulkowski, Keith Dziak, Mike Wojtaszek, Joey Pezzino, Jay Cyman, Bob Miller, Jay Surdyke, Mark Staniszewski, Ray Pulinski, Joe Abram, Mike Ciesla and Charles Poloncarz

In the individual competition, the overall low score was shot by Ken Gawel with an 82, handicap of 21 and net score of 61. J.J. Langan finished 2nd after shooting a 78, handicap of 16 and net 62.

The low 4 scores for each class were as follows:

A Class
(1) Keith Dziak: 71-5-66 (won in sudden death playoff)
(2) Gary Masocco: 73-7-66
(3) Mark Poloncarz: 71-4-67
(4) Jason Surdyke: 73-5-68

B Class:
(1) J.J. Langan: 78-16-62
(2) Darrin Koepnick: 79-14-65
(3) Mark Sullivan: 83-17-66
(4) Mike Daniels: 81-14-67

C Class:
(1) Ken Gawel: 82-21-61
(2) Wayne Cross: 84-19-65
(3) Bill Daley: 92-25-67
(4) Bob Miller: 103-36-67

The low 10 net scores per team were as follows:

(1) J.J. Langan: 62
(2) Keith Dziak: 66
(3) Gary Masocco: 66
(4) Mark Poloncarz: 67
(5) Bob Miller: 67
(6) Mike Daniels: 67
(7) Joe Abram: 68
(8) Jason Sudyke: 68
(9) Paul Schein: 68
(10) Joe Kalenda: 69
Total Score: 668

(1) Ken Gawel: 61
(2) Wayne Cross: 65
(3) Darrin Koepnick: 65
(4) Mark Sullivan: 66
(5) Bill Daley: 67
(6) Norm Brasch: 68
(7) Chris Monaco: 68
(8) Sean McNamara: 70
(9) Pat McCann: 70
(10) Jerry Nostrant: 70
Total Score: 670