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South Park wins 2017 Challenge Match Against the Buffalo Golf Club

After coming up short last year, in 2017 the South Park Golf Club squad brought home the Challenge Cup in convincing fashion, winning by a score of 13-5. South Park dominated the 4-Ball competition, taking 5 of the available 6 points on Day 1 at the Grover Cleveland GC and then captured a majority of the 12 singles matches held at South Park on Day 2.

The 2017 Challenge Cup Team was comprised of: "A" Class: Dan Fitzgibbons, Tim Knott, Jim Fredo and Jason Surdyke; "B" Class: Tom Wasielewski, Kevin Surdyke, Jim Miller and Paul Schein, Sr.; and "C" Class: Nick Schaefer, Jr., Shane Schaefer, Rick Calteaux and Jerry Nostrant. Great job by all!

Jim Miller and Rick Calteaux win the 2017 Scratch Match Play Championship in "B" and "C" Class

Congratulations to Rick Calteaux (L) and Jim Miller (R) on winning the South Park GC Scratch Match Play Championship in C and B Classes, respectively on August 20. Calteaux won a back-and-forth match against Bob Pelowski 2 and 1 while Miller played great golf in windy conditions and shot a 75 en route to a 5 and 4 victory over Mike Kuhn.

The A Class Match Play Championship will be held next week between Jim Fredo, Jr. and Sean McNamara. Good luck to both.

Tim Knott, Tom Wasielewski and Jerry Nostrant are 2017 Club Champions

New champions were crowned at the 2017 South Park Golf Club's Club Championship on July 29 and 30 as Tim Knott (A), Tom Wasielewski (B) and Jerry Nostrant (C) each won their respective class championships for the first time. Knott won his first club championship in impressive fashion, shooting rounds of 69-73 to win by 4 strokes over Jim Fredo. Wasielewski won B Class in his first year in the club with an equally impressive 6 shot victory over Kevin Surdyke when he carded rounds of 79 and 80. Nostrant also dominated when he took C Classby 6 strokes over past C Champ Ken Gawel.

Top 8 scores per class can be found below.

"A" Class

(1) Tim Knott: 69-73-142
(2) Jim Fredo: 75-71-146
(3) Dan Fitzgibbons: 75-72-147
(4) Jason Surdyke: 75-73-148
(5) Sean McNamara: 75-75-149
(6) Tim Buckley: 75-77-152
(7) Paul Schein, Jr.: 75-78-153
(8) Joe Abrams: 77-78-155

"B" Class

(1) Tom Wasielewski: 79-80-159
(2) Kevin Surdyke: 85-80-165
(3) Chuck Griesenger: 80-86-166
(4) Dan Sikora: 81-86-167
(5) Joe Kalenda:86-84-170
(6) Jay Cyman: 84-87-171
(7) Matt Sullivan: 87-85-172
(8) Todd Storrey: 86-87-173
(8) Don Dorobiala: 86-87-173
(8) Mike Kuhn: 87-86-173

"C" Class

(1) Jerry Nostrant: 87-85-172
(2) Ken Gawel: 84-92-178
(3) Nick Schaefer: 92-88-180
(4) Shane Schaefer: 89-95-184
(5) Joe Pezzino: 87-102-189
(6) Rick Calteaux: 93-97-190
(7) Pat McCann: 94-99-193
(7) Tom Deering: 95-98-193

Dan Fitzgibbons, Jeff Langan and Nick Schaefer top shooters in the July 4th Hall of Fame Classic

High scores were the goal of those playing ihe 85th edition of the South Park Golf Club July 4 Hall of Fame Tournament as the Modified Stableford sytem was used. Dan Fitzgibbons was "high" man in "A" Class after he carded 5 birdies on route to a final score of +31. Jeff Langan led the field in "B" Class with a +27. However, the big winner of the day was Nick Schaefer, Jr. who shot a career low round of 78 on the way to recording a score of +35 and being the low man for the entire tournament. Top 3 results per class were:

"A" Class

(1) Dan Fitzgibbons: 25+6=31
(2) Jason Surdyke: 25+4=29
(3) Jim Fredo, Jr.: 24+4=28

"B" Class

(1) Jeff Langan: 9+18=27
(2) Matt Sullivan: 8+16=24
(3) Dan Welch: 6+18=24

"C" Class

(1) Nick Schaefer, Jr.: 13+22=35
(2) Chris Escott: 8+19=27
(3) Jerry Nostrant: 4+21=25

The Kadets of Polonia triumph in the Annual Polish v. Irish Classic

The Irish flag flies no more over the South Park Golf Club as the Polish team handily defeated the Irish in the annual Ed Krypel Memorial Polish v. Irish Challenge Match 676 strokes to 685 strokes. The top ten net scores per team are counted up and the lowest team wins. Thus the Polish flag will fly over the clubhouse for the next year. Jason Surdyke won "A" Class with 68-4-64; Jason's father Kevin Surdyke won "B" Class with a score of 81-16-65; and Shane Schaefer upheld the honor of the lads from the Emerald Isle by winning "C" Class with a scoreof 92-24-68. Top 3 results per class were:

"A" Class

(1) Jason Surdyke: 68-4-64
(2) Paul Schein, Sr.: 75-10-65
(3) Gary Masocco: 70-3-67

"B" Class

(1) Kevin Surdyke: 81-16-65
(2) Tom Wasielewski: 82-17-65
(3) Paul Hardman: 78-12-66

"C" Class

(1) Shane Schaefer: 92-24-68
(2) Dan Welch: 89-19-70
(3) Walter Pukalo: 91-20-71

Mark Poloncarz, Jay Cyman and Ken Gawel top the field in the 85th Memorial Day Tourney

The 85th edition of the South Park Golf Club Memorial Day Tournament was contested under grey skies on Saturday May 27, 2017, but the scores were not indicative of the dark conditions. Mark Poloncarz won both the low gross and low net in "A" Class in the 9 hole tourney with a gross score of 33 and a net score of 33-2-31; Jay Cyman won "B" Class with a 38-6.5-31.5; and Ken Gawel won "C" Class with a 43-10-33. Top 3 results per class below:

"A" Class

(1) Mark Poloncarz: 33-2-31
(2) Gary Masocco: 34-1.5-32.5
(3) Paul Schein, Sr.: 38-5-33

"B" Class

(1) Jay Cyman: 38-6.5-31.5
(2) Paul Schein, Jr.: 38-5.5-32.5
(3) Paul Hardman: 39-6-33

"C" Class

(1) Ken Gawel: 43-10-33
(2) Shane Schaefer: 47-13-34
(3) Robin Fuller: 52-15-37