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The 325 yard first hole is a fairly straight short par 4 now, but it used to be much tougher. The fairway used to be guarded by two ponds. The first pond guarding the fairway was removed in the 1940s, and the other pond in the early 1980s because of drainage problems. It is rumored that the ponds may be rebuilt soon.

For now, the first hole, while not long and without a bunker, does have a tree line and out-of-bounds running down its entire right hand side, as well as out-of-bounds down the left side. Any shot hit out-of-bounds on the right will inevitably be called a "Cheese Ball" by your playing partners as the first hole borders the Sorrento Cheese factory in South Buffalo.

The first hole also has the smallest green on the course (shown in the picture to the right), and is surrounded on the left side and behind by a thick tree line. If you keep your tee shot in play and knock your second shot on the green you will definitely have a birdie opportunity. The first hole is a nice hole to start your round, assuming you do not hit it out-of-bounds.

The 320 yard second hole, seen from the fairway in the picture to the left of our late friend Darin Tesmer, the 2007 B Class champion who died in a tragic motorcycle accident in 2008, has remained the same yardage since its design, but has recently seen the installation of three bunkers: a bunker guarding each side of the fairway, and another guarding the front left of the green.

A small pond 20 yards off the tee is an easy carry for most, but will catch any topped tee shot. The second hole's primary threat is its green: it is canted from front to back and left to right, and any putt downhill must be hit very gently or a 3 putt is to be expected. The second is another good birdie chance before the trees and lake of South Park come into play on the following holes.

The second hole from the left fairway bunker
looking towards the green

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